Each year a number of students from abroad join us. Girls join in various year groups. Some girls stay for a term, others a year, and some decide to remain and finish their secondary school level education with us.  These students enrich our school allowing our students to learn about other cultures and education systems.

In the best interests of those students interested in joining us the school, we only accept those who apply via a reputable placement service.

In the case of students wishing to attend for one term, we only accept applications or the first term (August-December)

Please note that any offer of a place to an overseas student at the Ursuline College Blackrock is conditional upon a positive Zoom meeting with the Principal. The following people must meet the Principal in person, or via Zoom before a place can be confirmed:

  1. The prospective student
  2. Parents of the prospective student
  3. The agent coordinating the placement in Cork
  4. The Host family

In addition, it is compulsory for both Parents and the Host Family to have the school app downloaded and working on a device they can readily access.  A place cannot be confirmed if app registration has not been completed. 

Overseas Student Registration Checklist

In addition, parents/student placement agencies should use the OVERSEAS STUDENT CHECKLIST to ensure they have all the appropriate information in order to complete their application.

Consent Forms

It is a requirement of all students enrolling at Ursuline College Blackrock to consent and agree to the school rules and policies. It is the assumption of the school that any overseas student who applies to the school via the online application form or hard copy form,  agrees to abide by the rules and guidelines detailed in the policies here: CONSENT FORMS  and on the policies section of the school website. 

Overseas Student Checklist

Please click here to view the checklist: OVERSEAS STUDENT CHECKLIST

School App

Agents and parents should be aware that all communications between home and school are made via the Ursuline College Blackrock App only. It is essential that a suitable adult is registered at the school for all school app communications. 

Preparing to join the Ursuline Secondary School

Agents and parents should check the "Parents" section of the school website for all information required to prepare appropriately for arrival at the school. Details of book lists, uniform requirements, subject choices, term dates etc are all outlined on these pages.

Subject Option Choices

Guidance booklets for subject options can be found by clicking on the below links:

1. Junior Cycle Option Booklet

2. Senior Cycle Option Booklet


The Ursuline Secondary School is day school and as a result we are not in a position to offer accommodation for visiting students. Consequently, parents should ensure that they make appropriate private accommodation arrangements for their daughters well in advance of their arrival in Cork. These details should be communicated to the school office as soon as they are available.

When choosing accommodation, parents should be mindful of how their daughter will travel to school each morning. In some cases host families can drive students to school, however, if this will not be the case, accommodation should be sought that is close enough to school for the student to walk. Alternatively, accommodation should be near a connecting bus route to the school. The main bus to the school is the 202. Details of this route can be found here.

Overseas Student Mentor

Whilst at the Ursuline Secondary School our overseas students are assigned a mentor teacher. Ms Sheehan ensures that their time at our school runs as smoothly as possible and can be contacted via the school office or email at csheehan@urscorkb.com. Ms Sheehan will arrange for all overseas student reports to be validated ahead of your daughters' return to their home school.


All communications regarding overseas students will be sent to the host family in the first instance. As such, it is important that parents liaise regularly with host families/agencies for updates on their daughter's progress. However, if parents would like to contact the school directly for any reason, they can do this via the school office or Ms Sheehan on the details outlined above.

VISA Information 

Irish families living abroad and those from E.U. member states do not require a visa to study in Ireland. If you are not a citizen of the E.U. you should check the visa regulations for your country. Further information is available from the Irish Government here.

We consider applications from non EU students who are permanently resident with family in the Republic of Ireland at the time of application. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from non EU students who are resident outside of the Republic of Ireland and are seeking short term / single year placements. Given this, we do not accept applications via Agents seeking to place non EU students in Irish schools from outside of the state.

Should you have any additional questions about the admissions process for international students, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

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