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Questions and Answers

Where can I buy my uniform?

The uniform is supplied by 4orm  Website: 4orm.ie, Email: info@4orm.ie Phone: (021) 4372969 The company is based in Carrigaline and also takes orders online. There will be a pop-up shop in the school where you can come in and try on the different parts of the uniform and place an order, but given current restrictions we cannot provide a definite date just yet. We will be in touch with you about the dates for this pop-up very soon though. We are excited about our uniform as we have recently made some changes and our students are very pleased.

Please note that we have updated our uniform for the coming academic year, but this will only be for new girls to the school. Girls currently in the school will be able to continue wearing their current uniform.

Will a school calendar be published so I know when my daughter will begin school?

Yes, the school calendar will be published on the school website. It will also be available through the school App and a student version will be printed in the school journal. Given the uncertainty surrounding the start of next academic year we are holding off on publishing our school calendar just yet, but we hope to post a draft soon. 

What lunch should I bring to school? Where will I eat my lunch?

The school does not have a canteen or a shop so you will need to bring food with you for a snack at break time 10:50-11:00 and for your lunch 1:00 pm-1:30 pm. First Years spend break and lunch times in the GP Room. This is the large round room to the left as your enter the main school entrance. You will have waited in this room for your parents after your entrance test. We recommend you bring healthy nourishing food that will keep you going for the afternoon. As a school, we are working at reducing the number of single-use plastics we use. We do not permit plastic bottles in the school. At your induction, you will receive your very own, high-quality water bottle.

What class will I be in?

There will be two classes in the first year group. These are named 1.1 and 1.2

The decision about who is in which class takes place at the end of June. When making up the class groups we try to make them even in number and take care, when possible, to make sure that you will know someone in the class.

What books will I need?

The first year book list can be found by clicking on this sentence. 

If you are signed up for book-leasing the books included will be ready for you to collect during your first days at school. You will also get your locker and you will be able to store all your books in there. Make sure to bring a lock for your locker.

How can I make sure I stay organised throughout the year?

This is a challenge at first but rest assured we have lots of different ways we assist our new students in meeting this challenge. There will be a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) assigned to the class and she will assist the class and remind them of what lessons are next.

A simple thing like putting a colour coded copy of your timetable on the inside of your locker, in your study area at home and even on the fridge is a good way to remind you of things like ingredients for Home economics, PE gear, Hockey gear for training etc

The school app will also be used by teachers to remind students of trips, events and deadlines - work on getting in the habit of checking the school App often.

Some students find using different coloured zipped folders for subjects is a good way to collect your books quickly from the locker

I have heard that there is induction at the start of the year for new girls, what does this entail?

Induction is done gradually with the 1st years joining us at school usually a couple of days before everyone else. We will send a letter to your parents letting them know the exact dates for induction. 

The induction usually involves a welcome to the school, a time of fun and getting to know the others in your class, a tour of the school including lockers and break/lunch areas. Collecting books for those signed up for book leasing and getting your locker, timetable and school journal. Fifth year students on the Meitheal Team and members of the School Council will assist the Year Head, Ms O Dea and the first year class teachers in making sure you make a happy and fun beginning to first year. 

When will I get my class timetable?

This will be available on VSware (online) in August and you will receive a hard copy when you come in for your first day for induction. Most students copy their timetable into their school journal because the journal goes with you everywhere. Below is a picture of what your school journal will look like and Mrs O'Dea will put up a short video to show you how the journal will be used soon.

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