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Our Subjects

Irish | English | Maths | History | Geography | Science | Religion | French | Art | Music | CSPE | SPHE | Home Economics | Business Studies | Information Technology

Junior Certificate Programme

Core Examination Subjects:
Irish | English | Mathematics | History | Geography | French | Religious Education | CSPE

With a combination of:
Science | Business Studies | Music | Art | Home Economics

Non-Examination Subjects:
Computer Studies | Physical Education | SPHE

Leaving Certificate Programme

Leaving Certificate Subjects are available at Higher and Ordinary Level

Core Examination Subjects:
Irish | English | Mathematics | French

With a combination of:
Physics | Chemistry | Biology | History | Geography | Accounting | Business | Home-Economics (Social & Scientific) | Art | Music

Link Modules for Leaving Certificate Vocational

Non Examination Subjects:
Religious Education | Computer Studies | Physical Education | SPHE

Other Programmes within Ursuline Secondary School

> Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition Year is a year between Junior Certificate and the beginning of Leaving Certificate. The Ursuline Secondary School has designed its own Transition Year Programme to meet the needs of our own students. We have a highly successful 4th year programme which was the prototype for many other schools. Students choose their Leaving Certificate Academic subjects and are also exposed to a wide range of disciplines that will provide personal development.

> An extra year to mature.
> Statistics show that students who do Transition year will achieve higher Leaving Certificate points.
> Opportunity to experience wider range of subjects and educational experiences.
> Develops critical thinking and independent learning skills.
> Prepares students for life and the world of work.
> Greater participation in extra curricular activities.
> Greater opportunity to develop creativity, initiative and leadership.

The following Modules are taken in Transition Year:
Music Appreciation | Art Appreciation | Drama | Personal Development | Junior Achievement | Enterprise – Mini Company | Computer Studies | ECDL | Public Speaking | GAISCE Awards | Local History | Physical Education | Chinese | Dance | Big Brother | Big Sister | Creative Writing | Careers | Participation in Musicals

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

Students taking certain combinations of subjects qualify for participation in the LCV programme.. This programme allows the students to have project work together with work experience recognised as an extra subject in the traditional Leaving Certificate. The LCVP result can be counted when calculating points in the Leaving Certificate. This is a is a considerable advantage to students.

Details of the LCV programme and the qualifying subjects are available in the following website

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme

Students study the following subjects in the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme
English and Communication | Irish | Mathematical Applications | French | Vocational Preparation and Guidance | Visual Art | Information and Communications Technology | Social Education | Science | Religious Education | Leisure and Recreation | Child Care Community Care | Hair and Beauty