House Examination Information                                                                                 
It is school policy that all students sit formal exams twice a year. These exams are held in the P.E. Hall and the Double Lecture Room.
Separate exam centres are made available where necessary to provide for individual students educational needs.

Christmas Exams
All students sit exams in all their academic subjects at the end of the first term.

Third and Sixth Year students sit pre-exams midway through the second term. These exams mimic state exams as closely as possible. These exams also include oral and aural components where applicable.
Summer Exams
First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Year students sit summer exams at the end of the third term.

State Examination Information for 2020 will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available from the State Examination Commission (SEC) 
here.  The State Exams will start on Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020.

Practical Examinations